Department of Law, Philosophy and Economic Studies

The Department of Legal, philosophical and economic studies (DIGEF) had been established in 2010.
DIGEF institutional tasks are the promotion and co-ordination of research activities in the legal and economic field.
The Department is competent in the organization and management of teaching activities.
DIGEF defines the objectives to be achieved within the year, elaborates the three-year plan of the research activities, proposes the didactic order and the relative changes of the courses, the activation of PhD, master and high-education activities. The scientific activity of the Department also takes place in the organization of seminars, conferences and study days.
The Department has an organizational and administrative autonomy with regard to all expense measures, either contractual or conventional.
DIGEF is also in charge of the following Master's and Higher Education Courses:
  • Master Level I:
  • Master II:
  • High education course:

Public selection, by titles and public discussion, for the recruitment of n. 1 fixed-term researcher with a 3-years-contract of employment, pursuant to art. 24, paragraph 3, lett. A), Law 240/10, to promote research and teaching activities, supplementary teaching and student service.

Call for according research grants to category B research) Type II - Disciplinary Sector Ius / 20 (Philosophy of Law) -

Call for according research grants to category A) type II research activities - IUS / 17 disciplinary discipline (Criminal Law) -

The Dean confirmed his presence at the inauguration of Giuliano Vassalli's hall. The date announced by the Dean's Offices is November 30th at 10.30 am.







Please note that the computer-didactic and research lab will be closed from 28 November to 2 December 2016 for the opening of the Vassali's hall.
Call for enrolling to PhDs of the 32nd cycle A.A. 2016/2017. In the first part of the call are listed the individual courses that indicate the dates of the tests, the grants available and the unpaid positions, how to access, the contact details, etc ..On art. 2 all the access requirements, the enrolling procedures and the information for foreign students are explained. The call is also published in English.
For the year 2016 it is announced the award of a prize of € 2,500.00 for a master's thesis, promoted and funded by a donation from the IRTI'S FOUNDATION FOR CHARITY AND CULTURE ACTIONS, in memory of Attorneys Nicola Irti and Aurelio Irti, dedicated to graduated students of Sapienza University of Rome, who have discussed the best thesis in Philosophy of Law.
For criminal law scholars
The following courses are indicated:
Juvenile Criminology
Criminal Investigation Technique
October 21, 2016
As part of the Department's upgrading and optimization activities, and in the field of research and research activities of the Department itself, it is noted that within the space dedicated to Publications a section dedicated to scientific texts Downloadable and even printable consultation. Space opens with the publication of a book by prof. Franco Cordero, entitled "Ideologies of the Criminal Process", published by La Sapienza University Publishing House, who expressed his consent to the dissemination of the work through our site:
March 1, 2016
International Career Fair: The event will take place on 7 and 8 March 2016 within the International Careers Festival, an event entirely dedicated to students and graduates who want to  into the competitive international careers sector.
January 27, 2016
It is reported that because of scheduled server migration the site may be unavailable from 01/02 to 02/02
January 25, 2016
It is reported that the Department of Juridical, Philosophical and Economic Studies at the University of "Sapienza" in Rome, in collaboration with Infosapienza, has enhanced its wireless services in the Criminal Law, Economics and Finance and Philosophy of Law areas. To access the service, follow the instructions on the link: dicembre 2015.
The Department of Legal, Philosophical and Economic Studies in the University of "Sapienza" in Rome is proud to learn that Prof. Franco MODUGNO was nominated as Judge of the Constitutional Court. Prof. Modugno, eminent Professor of philosophy of law has largely contributed to the prestige of this Department with the teachings of Philosophy of Law and Theory of Interpretation. These teachings, held for several years, experienced the fruitful participation of students and scholars to his estemeed magisterium and his scientific research. 
He has also greatly presided over the Institute of Theory of Interpretation, the Master of Computer Science and the Theory and Technique of the Ruling process, the Ph.D. on Juridical Computer Science and Computer Science Law (Prof. Luisa Avitabile - Director of the Department of Juridical, Philosophical and Economic Studies - University of Rome "Sapienza"). 
On October 19, 2015, at 4 pm, at the Lecture Hall of the Institute of Philosophy of Law and Canon Law, and Section of the Department of Legal, Philosophical and Economic Studies, prof. Marco Gambardella will hold a seminar on the research activities already accomplished and those still under way, pursuant to art. 9 of D.R. n. 1506/2014 prot. n. 0035950 of 17/06/2014 and Art. 6 of D.R. n. 3303/2014 of 09/12/2010. 
MASTER IN "ETHICAL AND MICROCREDITURE FINANCE" It is announced that the Call for Proposals for the Master in "Ethics and Microcredit Finance" has been published. The notice is published at the following link: For more information, please send an email to: (link sends and -mail).
On June 18, 2015, at 3:30 pm, at the Seminary Classroom of the Institute of Philosophy of Law and Canon Law, Section of the Department of Legal, Philosophical and Economic Studies, Dr. Beatrice Serra will hold the seminar on the research activities already accomplished and those still under way. Afterwards, Dr. Serra will hold a didactic test (lesson) on the subject "The Canonical View on Church-State Relationships", which was disbanded on June 8 th, pursuant to art. 9 of D.R. n. 1506/2014 prot. n. 0035950 of 17/06/2014 and Art. 6 of D.R. n. 3303/2014 of 09/12/2014.
Research grants and prizes Fondazione Roma Sapienza 2015. Extension of deadline for scholarships and prizes Fondazione Roma Sapienza 2015. It is announced that the Roma Sapienza Foundation has extended to March 30, 2015 the deadline for submitting applications for scholarships, graduate awards and scholarships for theses abroad to be awarded to students, graduates and doctors in various disciplines. Below, you find the link to the related page:
Thursday, October 9, at 4.00 pm , At the Sala Zuccari of Palazzo Giustiniani, in via della Dogana Vecchia, 29 in Rome, will take place the award ceremony of the "Guido Dorso" Awards. This year the Special Economics Section Award will be awarded to Prof. Cesare Imbriani, Director of the Department of Juridical, Philosophical and Economic Studies at the Sapienza University of Rome. The "Guido Dorso" International Award, on its XXXV edition, was created in Naples by the related Association, with the patronage of the journal "Southern Europeist Politics - Civilization of Europe", the National Research Council and the University "Federico II". Over the years, the initiative was honored by the High Patronage of the President of the Republic and the patronage of the Senate where, since 2000, is held the awards ceremony. Election of the winners of research grants at the Department Board.
Election of the doctoral and postgraduate representatives at the Department Board. List of the active and passive electorate. Announcement - application form. 
Opening of the DIGEF Didactic-Computer and Research Laboratory
Since the 2014/2015 the Department has launched a new Master Degree course on European Union Legislation, Markets and Regulation (Membership Class : LM-90 EUROPEAN STUDIES) covering the following educational objectives:
In a context of an increasingly globalized world of business, dealing with issues inherent world governance of public institutions, the Master Degree Course in European Union Legislation, Markets and Regulatory Law has been conceived to meet the interests of those students who are willing to attend a course on advanced themes of European studies and wishing to undertake a career at international level:
1) in supranational institutions;
2) in Italian public and private institutions operating in a European and international context;
3) in private and public non-Italian institutions working in the field or interacting with the European Union.
In such a framework, the Master's Degree Program aims to train graduates with solid, advanced, methodological, cultural and professional knowledge, enabling them to develop solutions, including original ones, with regard to legal, economic and political issues -socials emerging from the new global and European scenario.